12 Tips for Perfect Hair

Each of us has to spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money on self-care every day. Proper nutrition, makeup, wardrobe, fitness…and, of course, many are aware that hair care is one of the most important conditions for maintaining a beautiful appearance. But is it really important the price and brand of shampoo used and the frequency of visits to the beauty salon? Stylists assure that these simple and accessible ways will help to keep your hair in perfect condition.

1. Avoid exposure to high temperatures

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves – we all have to arm ourselves from time to time, if not with tongs, then with an ordinary hair dryer. Experts advise to avoid contact with various irons, thermal curlers and other “harmful” devices if possible. Instead, it is better to use special cosmetics (straightening balms and masks) or soft curlers (for this purpose, locks are ideal – you will get elastic curls without sleepless nights and damaged hair). In cases where you can not do without hot metal, apply special thermal protection products (sprays, masks or creams) before using, which will protect the hair structure from overheating.

2. Use satin underwear 

You will be surprised, but adored by the majority for its comfort and durability, cotton bed linen is one of the main enemies of the perfect hairstyle and the reason for the morning discontent of many of the fair sex in the morning. Yes, replacing cotton with satin or satin, you will save yourself the need to straighten the flying hair and save precious minutes.

3. Cleanliness is the key to health we 

Have all heard about the dangers of modern cosmetics, especially shampoos – each purchase is accompanied by a long study of the composition and the pursuit of naturalness. Many people even try to wash their hair as little as possible, seriously believing that this will help reduce the impact of chemicals (they are already in excess in our suffering environment!). But stylists do not recommend following this example – you must determine the optimal frequency of washing yourself. Thorough washing in combination with a suitable shampoo is not only a guarantee of beauty, but also of hair health. As for the frequency of washing, dermatologists advise you to follow this rule: if you live in an urban environment with high levels of air pollution and humidity, wash your hair as often as possible (ideally, daily). Rural residents (or those who live in a very dry climate) should preferably do this once every few days. Mixed hair type (prone to fat at the roots and dry at the tips) requires an individual approach – in this case, you determine the frequency of washing yourself, taking into account the correctly selected funds.

4. Do not forget about moisturizing 

Many people underestimate the value of balms-rinses. But they are necessary not so much for the hair as for the scalp, on the condition of which their appearance directly depends. Do you use moisturizing creams or face masks, do not forget about moisturizing the skin during the shower and take care of the skin of your hands, choosing the optimal tool? Providing the scalp with enough moisture (it is enough not to forget to apply the balm after each wash), you will forget about the split ends, dryness and provide additional color resistance to colored hair.

5. Stay true to your preferences

Common misconception is the need to constantly change cosmetic brands for hair care. As an argument, the same thing is repeated :” first, the hair must get used to it, but then the shampoo must be replaced, because the effect will weaken over time.” That is, first you need to “train” your hair, and then gradually “wean” … Experts strongly disagree with this dogma – just find the most suitable shampoo for your hair type and forget about the existence of other brands. Of course, if you are constantly experimenting with color and length, no one has the right to forbid you to search for and try new options. But as soon as you find something that really suits you, don’t let go.

6. Eat right 

External influence will not provide half the success if you do not eat right-the Shine, volume and growth is determined primarily by the diet. The main “building materials” for healthy hair are iron, zinc, proteins and fatty acids – include in your diet as many products containing these nutrients as possible. Try not to exclude meat (especially chicken) and fish from your menu – vegetarianism does not have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

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7. Take vitamins 

Even the most balanced diet needs to be supplemented. Vitamin supplements can help you keep your hair beautiful and healthy-consult your doctor, who will select the optimal complex of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, taking into account individual characteristics. Also, don’t forget about natural herbal teas and herbal supplements.

8. Do not abuse sun baths 

We all know what irreparable harm can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun for unprotected skin. You will be surprised, but your hair is subjected to even more tests. Stylists recommend applying protective air conditioners (the most convenient option is in the form of a spray), which provide reliable protection from the effects of three negative factors – sunlight, wind and salt water. To enhance the effect, protective products should be applied to wet hair and used after each bath.

9. Choose the right comb 

Combing hair plays a very important role in ensuring their healthy appearance. Use brushes made of natural materials, avoiding metal (they can damage the scalp and hair structure) and plastic (static electricity) combs.

10. Regularly trim your hair 

It’s not about a drastic change of image-regular cutting of the tips (1-2 cm) every 6-8 weeks will ensure healthy growth and prevent them from splitting. It may sound absurd, but this method is simply necessary for those who want to grow long hair. This way you can protect your hair from breakage and dryness.

11. Wash your hair with warm water 

Make sure you choose the right temperature for washing your hair-avoid hot water. Warm water will wash away all the dirt. Accumulated on the hair, but it will not deprive them of volume. Rinse the conditioner with cool water – it will ensure perfect cleanliness and ” fix ” the balm on your hair, making it shiny and light.

12. Measure in everything

The more shampoo – the better? Are you sure? Well, this is one of the most common mistakes in hair care. Apply a small amount of shampoo (pre-whipped into a foam) to the hair roots – it is in this part that the largest amount of dirt accumulates, which you need to get rid of. Avoid getting the conditioner on the root part-apply the product from the middle of the length and pay special attention to the tips.

The health of your hair is in your hands. Provide them with proper and regular care by choosing the right cosmetics and following our simple and affordable recommendations. Excellent results are guaranteed!

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