11 Proven Ways to Boost Metabolism

One of the best techniques for losing weight without much effort is to quickly burn calories. Thus, one of the main tasks for those who want to lose weight is to accelerate metabolism. Learn how to set your body up for proper, fast and effective digestion to find a healthy stomach and perfect figure!

1. Go out in the cold!

Go out in the cold!Yes, that’s right. The fact is that the body spends part of its energy to maintain the average body temperature, and this also affects the acceleration of metabolism. In addition, the body actively burns calories to maintain its functions. What’s the secret? Walking in cold air to lower the body temperature helps speed up the metabolism process without much effort.

2. Drink cold water

Drink cold waterAlso, both cold air and cold water help speed up the metabolism. Since our body maintains an average temperature of 37 degrees when you drink cold water, the metabolism accelerates and the body spends energy in order to heat it up and raise the body temperature to normal levels. What’s the secret? Studies have shown that if you drink a liter and a half of cold water a day, you spend an average of 90 calories. It is advisable to drink water half an hour before eating. It is also recommended to add lemon juice to speed up metabolism and burn calories.

3. Do not refuse food

Do not refuse foodAlthough this seems contradictory, eating food contributes to weight loss. The absorption of nutrients requires a large dose of energy, which is kept at a high level for two or three hours after each meal. That is, the assimilation, transformation of proteins into amino acids and fats into fatty acids involves a large expenditure of calories. In addition, if we do not eat anything for a long time, the sugar level in the body decreases and through this we feel tired. It also slows down the metabolism in order to save energy and store it in the form of fat. What’s the secret? In addition to eating several times a day (experts recommend 5 meals a day: Breakfast, snack, lunch, second snack, and dinner), you should avoid strict diets. If the body is not filled with energy for a long time, then it begins to protect itself and reduces the consumption of calories.

4. Consume the necessary amount of protein

Do not refuse foodOur body requires more time and requires more energy to digest protein than for other nutrients, so it is very important to include proteins in our diet. What’s the secret? In General, an adult is recommended to consume 8 g of protein for each kilogram of their weight. If we calculate the amount of protein for a person weighing 65 kg, we get 52 g of protein per day. For example: 100g steak, two boiled eggs, two yoghurts and 60g beans.

5. Give preference to healthy fats

Give preference to healthy fatsAlthough these foods do not burn fat, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are considered foods that speed up metabolism. This type of fat reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of heart disease and ensuring the good work of our body. What’s the secret? Although there are no medical contraindications, the diet should include three or four meals of fish per week, two of which should be with blue fish (mackerel, herring, swordfish, etc.).

6. Add a little spice and spice

Give preference to healthy fatsNutritionists say that spices and some spicy seasonings help to get rid of excess weight. Many seasonings, such as chili and pepper, contain certain ingredients that can raise our body temperature for a while. For this, our body is obliged to increase the consumption of calories and burn fat. What’s the secret? According to research, the metabolism is accelerated by 20% within half an hour. If you want to get rid of fat, you need to add a small amount of useful spices to your dishes.

7. Give up alcoholic beverages

Give up alcoholic beveragesAlcohol not only slows down the metabolism, but also causes a person to eat 200 calories more than the body requires. In addition, studies have shown that the body absorbs alcoholic beverages first, and then food. This causes undigested food to turn into fat. What’s the secret? Replace alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages. Drinks should be sugar-free and cold to speed up the metabolism process.

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8. Add green tea to your diet

Add green tea to your dietGreen tea not only accelerates the absorption of nutrients, but also stimulates the Central nervous system, increases the state of vigor, improves the state of muscles and breathing, increases the secretion of gastric juice, improves the digestion of heavy foods, reduces cholesterol, is an antioxidant and, in addition, increases activity in fat burning. What’s the secret? 5 cups of green tea a day can help you spend at least 90 calories.

9. Sport

SportThe easiest way to speed up metabolism: the more we move, the more energy we spend and the faster the absorption of nutrients. If you exercise regularly, the result will come immediately. What’s the secret? It is very important to do aerobic and strength exercises, as each of these types of exercises affects different processes in our body. You need to exercise at least 1 hour a day. If you feel that you are not ready to sweat in the gym, then just devote time to walking in the fresh air. You can also do sports walking.

10. Develop your muscles

Develop your musclesThe more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism goes, as your muscles need energy and nutrients to recover. Even when the body is relaxed, the energy consumption for maintaining the muscles is much higher than for other body tissues. What’s the secret? Just because your energy consumption increases doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. To improve the body’s performance and lose excess fat, you need to exercise regularly and at the same time adhere to proper nutrition.

11. Surprise your body

Surprise your bodySince the body is prone to adaptation, it gets used to the regime and begins to slow down the process of burning calories. When we do sports, we should gradually increase the load, because after a few weeks, the same training will not be as effective as at the beginning. What’s the secret? To prevent this from happening, you can change your exercises and their intensity. For example, change the speed, rhythms, duration of classes, or tasks. You can also try the interval method, which is a combination of exercises with different intensity, such as walking and running at different speeds.


Metabolism is a process that involves expending the necessary energy in order for the body to function normally. The rate of metabolism is affected by gender, body structure, age, physiological status, or weight.

Fast and slow metabolism

Fast metabolism. When you change your diet or your habits a little, you start losing weight quickly. This means that you have a fast metabolism.

Slow metabolism. On the other hand, if you spend time day after day on physical activity and follow a strict diet, but do not lose weight, then you have a slow metabolism. Women’s metabolism is slower than men’s. The difference is that women have more fat tissue and less muscle, so our metabolism is a little slower. Now you know what metabolism is and how to set it up for the right process. Follow our tips and keep a perfect figure!

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