How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips?

There are a lot of blood vessels and nerve endings in the lips, and the skin there is thin, there are no sebaceous glands and fat lining. That’s why the lips are sensitive. For some purposes, this is very good, but exactly as long as the delicate skin does not crack and the lips do not turn into a desert landscape. Let’s see why this happens.

Why do my lips crack?


When it is very cold outside, unprotected lips immediately feel it. Vessels in the lips are compressed and stop feeding the surface of the lips. And if you do not protect yourself (do not close your mouth and do not use special cosmetics), then the frost also affects the moisture in the upper layers of the lip skin. Thin skin, having lost moisture, becomes dry and brittle.


Although the heat does not constrict the blood vessels (quite the opposite), it contributes to the General dehydration of the body. A feeling of dryness appears on the tongue, in the throat, and, of course, on the lips. Lack of moisture increases the fragility of delicate skin, hence the cracks.

The habit of licking your lips

The habit of licking your lipsWhen the saliva dries, the lips lose moisture and natural lubrication, so they crack harder. If you have a habit of licking or biting your lips, see when it is most pronounced. As a rule, it is to blame for this banal stress.


Have you noticed that sometimes you eat a product and it makes your mouth burn? Perhaps this is how the oral Allergy syndrome manifests itself, from which the lips can also deteriorate.

Dangerous food

Some food does not cause allergies, but even without it, it spoils the look. For example, food with a large amount of vinegar (salads or canned food), some fruits with a high acid content (citrus, kiwi), hot spices, salty snacks irritate and dry the skin, which is immediately covered with cracks.

Bad cosmetics

Expired or simply low-quality cosmetics, of course, have not made anyone better.

But sometimes even the means of proven brands lead to the fact that the lips crack. Moreover, dryness appears, even if you take a hygienic lipstick, specially made in order to avoid such problems. So this lipstick just doesn’t fit you.

Take a closer look at how your lips feel after lipstick. You need to apply the product three times a day, otherwise the skin shrinks from dryness? Buy another lipstick that will help you. It may take a long time to search.

Aggressive peeling

If you constantly use a hard scrub brush or even a lip gloss during the washing, can damage the delicate skin and make unsightly cracks. So be careful with smoothness.


The most common infection that affects the lips is the herpes simplex virus, the so-called cold on the lips. The aggravation pass without problems, if not associated with a bacterial infection.

In some cases, the lips crack, especially in the corners, due to a fungal infection-candidiasis. This is a common thrush that has developed in the oral cavity. This often happens in children.

You should go to the doctor if the inflammation is pronounced, the lips are red and sore, the dryness of the lips does not go away by itself or if there is a white plaque around the cracks.

As soon as you cure the infection, the cracks will also go away. How and what to treat in such cases, the dermatologist will tell you, because the treatment depends on what kind of infection you have.

Where do the bites in the corners of the mouth come from?

The main reasons for their appearance are the same as for normal dry lips, but there are additional factors.

  • Chronic disease. For example, diabetes or skin diseases.
  • Lack of vitamins A or B2, perhaps-lack of iron. But this is a condition that occurs only with an unbalanced diet. Therefore, switch to healthy food and a full diet, so as not to suffer from skin problems. To find out if you have enough iron, take a regular blood test.
  • Humidity. If the corners of the lips are constantly wet with saliva, the wrong bite may be to blame. Consult your dentist. You might be able to fix it.
How to cure chapped lips at home?

How to cure chapped lips at home?When the lips are already chapped and become rough, you need to make a little effort to make the unpleasant symptoms go away.

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First, you can not bite your lips or tear off hard skin scales, even if you really want to. This way we only injure the skin more and continue peeling.

Secondly, moisturize your lips with special balms or lipsticks. It is better not to buy funds in jars, so as not to touch them with your fingers and not to apply a pack of microbes to your lips along with the balm.

Third, try natural and as simple as possible means based on wax, vaseline. The more impurities in the composition, the higher the probability that this balm will not work for you.

What else to apply to chapped lips?

If you are desperate to find the same lip balm in stores that will help, use simple tools.

Regular natural honey is a good moisturizer. It is better to apply it before going to bed, so as not to succumb to temptation and not to lick sweet lips.

If you are allergic to honey, try cocoa butter, coconut, almond, sea buckthorn, rose hips, calendula. They retain moisture, soften the skin and help cracks heal faster.

What to do to prevent chapped lips?

The main prevention is simple:

  • Drink as soon as you feel dry mouth.
  • Use indoor humidifiers.
  • Protect your skin from the sun with a cream with a UV filter or the same lipstick.
  • Protect your lips from frost with hygienic greasy lipstick or vaseline.
  • In winter and autumn, cover your mouth with a scarf from snow, rain and wind.
  • Use only high-quality cosmetics.
  • Do not lean on unhealthy foods.
  • Learn to stay calm and not get nervous.

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