How to achieve the ideal density of eyebrows?

In Ancient Egypt if you died a cat (a sacred animal), her owner had to shave the eyebrows. Today’s representatives of the fair sex do not need an excuse. In the pursuit of beauty, they boldly take up the tweezers, and then regret it. How to grow eyebrows if suddenly “overdone”?

How to get rid of facial wrinkles?

The very first facial wrinkles begin to appear on the face. Only at a young age, they immediately disappear, one has only to relax the face, but older people they become more visible. They say that the location of the facial folds can be found out the nature of the person.

How to get rid of a double chin?

For any woman it is unpleasant to identify and recognize at least the slightest manifestation of the second chin. After all, this defect visually spoils the shape of the face, makes it more vague and adds a couple of extra years. Even the youngest girl with this “addition” seems much older.

How to remove bags under eyes at home?

Edema of the lower eyelids cause a lot of problems to their owners. In this article we will learn how to quickly remove the bags under the eyes on their own. At home, the method is selected taking into account how soon you need to fix the problem.

How to enlarge lips at home?

The trend for volumetric sponges of the correct form is only gaining momentum. Since you can increase the lips at home without going to a beautician, we will touch on this topic in more detail. We have collected only effective methods, reviews confirm their effectiveness.